20 thoughts on “A Morning at the Antiques Market , Paris

  1. Loved the video but it was a little too fast and didn't linger on too much that was interesting to see. I had to stop my computer so many times to look at things most interested me but yet in all it was very nice.

  2. Can you stop and pan a view at the antiques? I can't watch your video because it bothers my eyes. Too bad or I would subscribe. Find another way to videotape your show and you would get more subscribers!

  3. While I appreciate your showing your walking through the market (which I am extremely interested in), the way you capture the video make me so dizzy because you keep turning/shaking the camera/phone rather VIOLENTLY

  4. The French are far from stupid …..however…I have met individuals, who turned out to be stupid, who happen to be French. Voila !

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