Antiques Roadshow Items That Made Owners Crazy Rich

It’s the kind of thing everyone has dreamed about: you’re digging around in grandma’s attic when you stumble across an old knick knack that’s actually worth a pantload of greenbacks. Sometimes, though, the fantasy becomes reality. Here are some Antiques Roadshow finds that made owners crazy rich.

Collected by the owner’s father in the 1930s and ’40s on two visits to China, this collection included four pieces from the 18th-century. The owner was hoping for a nice valuation, but even she was stunned when appraiser Jim Callahan delivered the verdict.

Many people keep artwork on their walls behind their doors; it’s a pretty normal thing. It might be a Reservoir Dogs poster if you’re a single man, or a framed picture that says “Life is just a chair of bowlies” if you are a grandma.

What most people don’t hang behind their doors are million-dollar lost paintings by the great Latin-American artists of the 20th century. But this owner from a 2012 visit to Corpus Christi isn’t most people.

His great-grandparents bought a painting in Mexico in 1930 and subsequently hung it in their house behind a door. What they didn’t know was that this was actually an early painting by a teenaged Diego Rivera from 1904, who would go on to be one of the most prominent painters in Mexican history, famous both for his murals and also for being married to Frida Kahlo.

Needless to say, he was pretty surprised to learn just what he had.

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million jade collection | 0:15
million lost painting | 0:40
million baseball cards | 1:34
£1 million+ Faberge flower | 2:14
.5 million rhino horn cups | 2:54
.5 million pocket watch | 4:00
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20 thoughts on “Antiques Roadshow Items That Made Owners Crazy Rich

  1. I know all together I have to have about 500k work of collective items. I just don’t know how to go about selling them.

  2. To all the people saying they should destroy the rhino cups I say what a waste. These are artifacts from the 17th and 18th century from when the world was a much different place. People would take an animal for all they're parts not just the horns. People kill an elephant to feed a village type of thing. I'm not advocating for modern killing for horns but these items are gorgeous pieces of history that should be preserved. If we destroyed everything that had a negative impact on something or someone else we wouldn't have much left.

  3. I remember when the two twin brothers helped an old lady auction off a piece of furniture it was probably a Chippendale and it was heartwarming to see her when it sold for multiple hundreds of thousands.

  4. Whomever bought those rhino horn cups must be proud of him/herself from buying such a valuable item from a near-extinct creatures even if it was made 50 years ago. The purchase should never had happened and wish China put that ban back in place again. Greed is a horrible disease that affects 99% of us humans.

  5. OMG!! Kill the music! Why would you put such AWFUL music in a video with such wonderful stories? Aghhhhhhhhhh😫

  6. I didn’t realise they had an American version of this program I thought it was only here in the UK

  7. Oh you mean the stuff thats already been appraised long before they came to the show? the people only trying to get on TV and the people letting them because they want rare and valuable items on their show….this "reality" tv makes people think this stuff is all true, like the person who came in with a blanket worth millions, considered a national treasure…ya she just brought it in had no clue…right….it was just a blanket to any one, one that NO ONE would bring in unless already told of its value…imagine bringing your grandmas handknit blanet thinking its an antique to find out…so people wont do that..

    US supreme court has ruled anything and everything on tv is for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only and do not need to be based on fact. This means News can be lies, Football and other US sports that are 100% covered on tv can be scripted….really our country is full of idiots….mentally brain dead people who only know one thing….those are called idiot savants and thats what our country has turned into….yes sports are fake, just like wrestling, the athleticism is real, the result is scripted. News is meant to polarize you one way or another, anything to keep us from actually being united…..anything to keep us ignorant slaves

  8. I'm so glad I subbed to this channel. Every day I find interesting or humorous videos in small bite-sized portions that go great with my morning coffee. Thanks!

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