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Cbd also known as cannabadiol, is a non-psychoactive (it won’t make you feel high) compound found in cannabis. It is one of over 60 different compounds present in cannabis. CBD is usually present in cannabis in high concentrations along with THC (the compound in cannabis that is psychoactive and makes you feel high). It’s non-psychoactive because of its lack of affinity and attraction for CB1 receptors (the receptors that cause one to experience a cerebral high). There are two types of cannabinoid receptors in the human body; CB1 and CB2. Both are naturally found throughout the body but are most common in the brain and immune system. CB1 receptors are responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive effects. These receptors affect memory, mood, sleep, appetite and pain sensation. CB2 receptors have anti-inflammatory effects and are found in immune cells. Cbd does have a great affinity and or attraction for CB2 receptors making it a great natural anti-inflammatory and immune system enhancer.


Cbd benefits?

Cbd has been proven to be highly beneficial in the treatment of seizures, neurological conditions such as MS and cerebral palsy and anxiety disorders. Studies have found that cbd can….
Relieve nausea and vomiting making it a great digestive aid
Help control and reduce seizures
Help Fight tumors and cancer cells (it’s a powerful anti-oxidant)
Help relieve anxiety and depression
Calm and protect the nervous system
Promote relaxation and deeper sleep
Help reduce stress
Help relieve insomnia
Anti-inflammatory effects which help reduce swelling
Help relieves muscle and joint pain and much more…


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15 thoughts on “Hempworx CBD Oil Review What Doctors Are Saying About Cannabis Hemp Chronic Pain Anxiety PTSD Relief

  1. I have tried one other CBD oil and seem to be allergic to it but started to help along with arthritis pain meds to control the pain in my hands. Will this one make me itch like a dickens ? I have someone to get Hempworx from.

  2. The problem I have with this video is there are many different companies out there making CBD oils and in this video not one of the doctors mentions hempworx directly. Just that CBD oils have benefits. But how do we know that hempworx is the company to go with? I'm sure there are a lot of testimonies out there but in this particular video all we have are a couple of doctors generalizing CBD oils and then hempworx inserting their logo and information, the doctors are not directly recommending hempworx

  3. These products have changed my life I am a veteran of 22 years and I couldn't even walk around Disneyland I was using a wheel chair to get around the park. that was about 3 years ago because I was in so much pain. With these 
    products I have lost about 30 lbs and I am doing crossfit know I am a advocate for CBD oil and cream today because of getting my life back.. This product has help me also with my PDSD and inflammation within my body. So blessed and grateful.

  4. I did a ton of research on kratom. My husband mentioned he wanted to try it. After reading the comments and learning how addictive it was and that the withdrawal symptoms were horrible we decided to pass on it. I also read that CBD oil is being used to help people get OFF of kratom. I used VERIFIED CBD oil in my test, and I was able to control the Kratom easily.https://bit.ly/2GR2f2U

  5. Thank you sooo much for sharing your story !!!!! I have fibromyalgia & am on 2 different opiates & gabapentin along with other pills & am not finding relief after 4 years of hell. I will be getting CBD oil & excited to finally be able to take this. I live in Texas which has been a state that isn't a fan of cannabis. It sux however being approved finally for CBD & at least .3 % of THC I can order a decent CBD oil. I haven't been able to be a wife, a sister, an aunt nor daughter & looking forward to getting my life back very soon as u did. Much love sent your way, thank you…….

  6. CBD Oil is getting very popular, especially this brand. I ordered mine and it got results instantly. Thanks Commissions From Home and Hemp-Worx.

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