Antiques Roadshow UK Series 41 Episode 5 Erddig 1 (14, January).
Fiona Bruce and the team are at Erddig, North Wales for this week’s Roadshow. On a scorching hot day, the crowds come out bringing with them items including a dazzling emerald and diamond ring worn by the owner’s grandmother on the Titanic, a Welsh love spoon carved in 1859 by a young man for his sweetheart and an avid fan’s collection of James Bond props. Plus Fiona hosts a ‘basic, better, best’ guessing game. This time, we’re challenged to put some silver candlesticks in order of value..

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5 thoughts on “Antiques Roadshow UK Series 41 Episode 5 Erddig 1 (14, January)

  1. I think the Canadian Coast Guard still has a ship called Hibernia… – In Canada, the cup and historical material would likely fetch far more than a mere 200 pounds. . .

  2. Do you think you could fit any more ads in there? It is a bit frustrating and intrusive popping up with this frequency. I normally let ads play through so the content provider gets full benefit, but this is just too much.

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